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Issa Kassissieh

Adresse: 2 St. Peter Street
old city Israel Jerusalem
Telefon: +972(0)528 649 027
Mobil: +972(0)528 649 027
E-mail: issakassisieh6@yahoo.com
Artistname: Jerusalem Santa

Santa`s House of Jerusalem exists to provide happiness, joy, love, and peace to the childrenof the Holy Landand the world.

Here at Santa`s House, we want children of all ages to experience the spirit of Christmas through a personal visit with Jerusalem Santa himself in his 700 year-old Jerusalem home. 

Visitors and their families can ride Santa`s sleigh, seehis cookie kichen, tour in his toy workshop, and-of-course-get a photo with Jerusalem Santa himself.

love and joy 

Jerusalem Santa

Euromaxx summer 2019

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